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Wally Hawkins

In the world of photography, where every snapshot tells a story, my journey has led me to rediscover the familiar yet ever-evolving canvas of Las Vegas. My work, deeply rooted in my professional background as a Director of Photography in Hollywood, has transitioned into capturing the essence of Southern Nevada through still photography.Each image I create is a narrative, a frozen moment in time that reflects not just the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, but also its subtler, often-overlooked beauty. My approach to photography is a blend of technical precision honed in film production and a deep-seated passion for the art of storytelling. This combination allows me to capture images that are not only visually striking but also emotionally resonant.Las Vegas, with its vibrant landscapes and iconic scenes, presents a unique challenge and opportunity. It's a city of contrasts — from the neon lights of the Strip to the serene desert landscapes that surround it. My aim is to capture these contrasts, to show the multifaceted nature of this city that I call home.As a photographer, my intent is not just to showcase the physical beauty of a scene but to evoke a feeling, to tell a story that resonates with the viewer. Whether it’s the quiet dignity of a desert at dawn or the bustling energy of a casino at midnight, each photograph is a piece of a larger narrative about this city and its people.My journey in photography is also a personal one. It's a means of reconnecting with my roots and seeing my hometown through a new lens — quite literally. As I continue to explore and photograph Las Vegas, I invite you to join me on this journey. Through my lens, I hope to offer a fresh perspective on a city that is much more than its reputation, a city that continues to surprise and inspire me every day.In sharing my work, I hope to inspire others to look beyond the surface, to find beauty in unexpected places, and to tell their own stories through whatever medium speaks to them. For me, photography is not just about capturing images; it's about capturing moments, emotions, and stories that would otherwise go unnoticed.Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey, and I look forward to sharing more of my vision and stories with you.

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Artist Bio

Wally Hawkins grew up traveling all around the United States. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while his father was stationed there. They moved six months later. His father served in the Army for thirty-three years and retired as a Full Colonel. At that point, he moved the family to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1974.

Wally’s love for photography started as a young child. His first images were shot on Boy Scout campouts with his mother’s Kodak Instamatic camera. As his passion for photography grew, he progressed to shooting many other subjects. At this time, he also started shooting movies of his friends skateboarding with his father’s Super 8 movie camera.

After high school, Wally followed his other passions: working out and training people in martial arts. Wally has taught Martial Arts for over forty years, with a sixth-degree Black Belt in Karate and a first-degree Black Belt in Judo.

With his Karate training, he started doing stunt work and acting. This led him back to working with cameras, although the cameras were television cameras this time. Wally worked his way up from a grip, a sound tech, a top cameraman, and eventually became a Director of Photography for some of the biggest shows in Hollywood. He covered the Beijing, Vancouver, Rio, and Sochi Olympics, the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and Grammys while working with shows like Access Hollywood, Extra, E!, and many more…

His daughter is also quite an artist. She graduated with an art degree from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Performing Arts Center, high school. She was then accepted into the Arts Program at Pepperdine University. “It’s amazing to talk art with her and watch her learn and become a fantastic artist. Her thing is not photography. She’s a 2D and 3D artist. But, art is art...”

After spending many years in Hollywood, he moved back to Las Vegas to help his aging father after Wally’s mother’s death. Once back home, he returned to his first passion, shooting still photography. Wally thought it best to jump back into school to “brush up” on his photography skills. Wally has produced some awe-inspiring images of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada, with his pure love for art and determination to become a better storyteller through photography.

Wally’s life has come full circle, living in Las Vegas, where he grew up, training in Judo and Karate, and being a very busy photographer.

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