About Us

Our Reason for Being

Private Technology Group exists to unite technology with art to deliver solutions that enrich the lives of our clients while making the world a better place to live. 


We believe: 

  • Art is essential to a productive and happy life. 
  • Artists provide the creativity that sparks innovation and development.
  • Technology that embraces artistic principles is better.
  • Our world is a better place when art enhances technology for a complete solution.


Who we are:

  • Dedicated professionals with an appreciation for fine art.
  • Technology Specialists with an affinity for luxury products.
  • Good listeners so we can match technology and art to budgets and deadlines. 
  • Innovators that look outside of the box when necessary


How we operate:

  • We curate technology solutions that recognize and promote artistic harmony.
  • We actively support and encourage artists.
  • We educate and expose our clients to better technology solutions 
  • We curate the art we showcase based on two factors: Designer Appeal and Substance. 
  • We respect and highlight craftsmanship and talent. 


What is AV Gallery: 

  • Our brand and presence focused on highlighting our collection of artwork and artists.
  • Designer appeal means that we carry originals and prints that fit many budgets and design aesthetics.
  • Substance means that a piece of artwork must elicit thoughts and feelings that can be beneficial to one's personal, social, or professional development.
  • Host monthly exhibits to introduce and recognize artistic achievements by artist or topic. 


What is Private Technology Group:

  • Our brand and presence focused on the technology portion of our solutions. 
  • We select products based on interior design flexibility and performance. 
  • We maintain manufacturer training and knowledge to ensure all products are specified and configured for optimal performance. 


More about us:

  • We are based at 9420 Del Webb Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89134
  • You can call us at 888-831-4844
  • You can reach us by emailing info@privatetechgroup.com
  • You can stop by and talk without an appointment from 10 am to 2 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
  • We can accomodate most schedules with private tours and after-hours meetings.