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Mel Johnson

For his creations Mel Johnson uses unique and difficult to find wood from fallen trees. He believes it is honoring the life it was once a part of and should be enjoyed and celebrated.

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Artist Bio

Mel Johnson was born and raised in a small farming town in Central Utah. He was introduced to woodworking at an early age working with his father on the farm. 

After graduating college and beginning a family of his own he moved to Las Vegas where he taught high school carpentry and cabinet making for ten years. He would then go on to apply his knowledge and craft full-time to cabinet making and high-end custom building design for years before advancing into management in leading a large successful manufacturing operation in Las Vegas.

 Upon retirement, Mel Johnson began to gather unique and difficult-to-find wood from fallen trees in the mountains of Utah and other natural environments. For over a decade he has been making the work that was calling him throughout his life and has had much success in touching people's hearts and filling their homes with his one-of-a-kind fully hand-sculpted wood creations.

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