Our Commitment

Private Technology Group is dedicated to providing the best solutions for better living to our clients. 

PTG has curated the best product lines to deliver amazing reliability, luxury look and feel, and ease of use. We strive to make life better through art and technology. 

AV Gallery's Commitment to the Las Vegas Community - THE BEST PLACE IN VEGAS TO CONNECT WITH ART!

AV Gallery has always been known for its contributions to the local art community in Las Vegas. Jeff Skalny, the owner of Private Technology Group & AV Gallery, has always believed in bringing the best out of people. Whether it is talking to a new photographer about how to improve her skills to become a better artist, or helping a beginning watercolor artist improve her craft with color and hues. Helping artists from all types of mediums, such as writers, painters, artists, musicians, photographers, sculptures, and others, is a way of life for Jeff.

Jeff created AV Gallery to showcase the artist community in such a way that it would benefit the city. By including artists that are starting out and veterans in the field, Jeff has provided a place for everyone to enjoy art and technology perfectly married. Stop by and have a seat in the listening room to listen to vinyl records on our state-of-the-art system which includes Meridian speakers and a Pro-Ject turntable.