Ketra Lighting

Light Without Limits

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, our advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers—and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

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Natural Light

Light that shifts with the sun throughout the day, dissolving the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Simple Elegance

Elegance meets ease. Set the mood with stunning scenes that engage and inspire at the touch of a button.

Flexible & Timeless

Flexible lighting solutions to fit any mood or moment and evolve with your space.

An Endlessly Inspiring High-Def Palette

From a single source, drench your space in the widest range of pristine whites and vibrant colors available anywhere—from 1,400K to 10,000K—and dial them in with pinpoint precision.

See It Work

See It Work

See It Work

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