Meet the Team

Learn about the people that make Private Technology Group and AV Gallery possible.

Eva J Scoville - Gallery Director

Eva brings European culture and experience to Las Vegas. She is the person that makes all of the events at AV Gallery happen. Without her, the gallery could not be possible.

Maria Del Mar Bran Ortiz - Marketing Specialist

MaDe is responsible for the amazing social presence of PTG & AV Gallery. After a brief stint in NYC, she has returned to Las Vegas and is helping us maintain our professional image and community status. 

Antonio Snow - Sales Associate 

Antonio is responsible for connecting with homeowners to help them find the perfect solution to improve their lives with art and technology. As someone born and raised in Las Vegas, there is nobody better equipped to understand the unique challenges Las Vegas brings to a smart home. 

Local, National, and International Artists

Without our artist partners, we could not do what we do. We thank them all and hope you will check out all of their works on our site (Original Artworks) or at one of our events (Event List). 


Jeffrey Skalny - CEO/Owner

Jeffrey's vision is what drives the company. With over 25 years of experience, Jeffrey is constantly improving offerings and exploring new horizons. 


Ready to join our team? 

We are always looking for talented and ambitious people. Please call or email and let us know how you would be a valuable part of our team.