SmartHome Services

SmartHome Services


are supposed to make your life easier, not confuse and frustrate. If your SmartHome is behaving as well as an overtired two-year-old child, give us a call. 

We specialize in designing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting SmartHome systems. With over 20 years of experience, we can alleviate your frustration with your "smart" home.

We are qualified to work on:

  • Lutron lighting control systems
  • AMX control systems
  • RTI Remotes and Home Control Solutions
  • Logitech Harmony remotes
  • Most home network systems
  • Many other systems from the last 20+ years of SmartHome technology


Buying a new home?

We offer an in-depth review of existing SmartHome systems. Before you get stuck with more than you bargained for, call us for a comprehensive SmartHome System Review.


Selling your SmartHome?

We can create a SmartHome System Review for you to share with buyers. Don't let your investment be under-valued!

Already buy a SmartHome and having trouble?

We specialize in helping new owners learn how to use their SmartHome to enhance their lives, not raise their blood pressure. 

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