AMX Programming and Troubleshooting

AMX Programming and Troubleshooting

AMX VIP Certified Programmer

This means that we have maintained our training and certification to ensure we are able to properly diagnose, service, and maintain AMX systems. With over 15 years of experience, we can resolve the issues you are having with your smart home.

We have worked on systems as small as a single huddle space all the way up to 35,000+ sq ft mansions. We are well versed in user interaction with the system and specialize in making the system easy enough to use without an instruction manual.

If you need a printed guide or hours of instruction to use your control system, call us to fix it instead. The control system should make your life easier, not require a degree in computer operation. We aim to have the most common operations accomplished in 2-3 total button pushes. In very simple applications, like a huddle space or kid's bedroom, we can make it happen in one button push!

Getting quoted $20,000+ to replace your system?

Call us. We might be able to repair or upgrade your current system for a fraction of the price!

Valued Independent Programmer

This means we are certified by the manufacturer to perform maintenance and service on existing systems. One facet of this program is that we can only purchase products to support an existing system. This means our focus is on helping you get a system that works, not selling a new system. 

15+ years of experience

With over 20 years of industry experience and 15+ years of AMX programming experience, we are familiar with most of the systems out there. We know how systems should work and we can verify that your current system can support your needs. Based on our many years of experience, we can provide accurate budgets for repair, maintenance, and upgrades. We can also help you understand the value of these investments and what other options exist. Our goal is your satisfaction. 

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