Wildlife Charcoal and Pastels

Wildlife Charcoal and Pastels

stare at an art piece by Taylor Ann and I can almost feel the breath of the wolf on my face. It seems an eternity as I near him. I feel like I’m looking out an open window and he’s there. Looking at me, panting, as if waiting for me to pet him. His eyes locked on mine. I reach to him to pet. To hold him tight. I know that he’s been in danger for a long time. 

Taylor works with wildlife conservatories and tells us a story about the animals that are sometimes held captive by us humans. I feel guilt and shame for being a part of a race that kills for sportA race that struggles to take care of their own and often ignores other living creatures. 

Taylor Ann uses charcoal to breath life into each piece. Are they real? To me, yes. They are real. She has brought a vision of what life is to the gallery. Life is all around us and it should be kept natural. Natural as in nature. By protecting the wildlife, we are protecting ourselves. I feel the pain in her charcoal. I feel the joy of life in her lines. I feel the breath of each animal she presents and brings to life.

A computer, or a phone are only a cursory introduction to Taylor’s work. Meant to whet your appetite. It’s an experience that you must see live to feel fully satisfied. To appreciate the wonder of her point of view. She puts you in her shoes, if only for a moment, to show you what she sees. The pain, the anger, the knowledge of what we humans do and can do to other wildlife. 

I’ve been out in the wild and seen wildlife in nature. I am one of the lucky ones that had a chance to see animals in their habitat. For me, as a kid, to run with them was a great feeling. Open ranges that go for miles. Birds overhead that are not pigeons or doves. Rabbits that run for their lives as the coyotes follow. A golden eagle that flew over my head and landed. I was amazed by its beauty. 

I’ve camped deep in the woods up in the high mountains and when you hear a wolf, you know you’re in real danger. There are precautions to take for your safety, but also for the safety of the animals. It’s their home. We are the invaders. We need to respect them in their environment.

Taylor Ann's work is something to see and admire. When you learn about your environment and about yourself. There are many of her pieces available for you to purchase. 

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