Math in Art

Math in Art

Is there math in art? Is there any other way to express art? What’s your opinion on this subject of math in art?

Math is universal. It’s in our body and that’s what makes us perfect. Our right side is a mirror of the left side. Granted, except for the internal organs, that’s a whole different algebra. Without math and balance, we would not look like we do. Actually nothing would look balanced or beautiful. Euclid described the golden ratio or phi as a 1.6 ratio. 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s math that makes art attractive. Day has night, red, blue, yellow the primary colors are balanced by the math of three’s. The ivories are tickled in a mathematical equation called a note. When we look around us everything has a duality, a trinity, and sometimes a uniqueness. That’s math.

When an artist paints, he might sketch first, then take a step back to look at what was created. “Something’s wrong,” he says scratching his head. By looking at it in different points, or views, he realizes that it’s off-balance. A line is too far out or too thin. The dimensions are not following the golden rule. Something is askew. 

Karen I Coates has the perfect example of phi in image seen here. Her unique way of placing each line of paint is done with purpose. Math to her comes naturally as if breathing.

Leonardo da Vinci illustrated how integral math is in art in his work the Vitruvian Man. If this does not speak to the presence of math in art, i don't know what does.

Do you agree or disagree?

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