Alone I feel today

The world seems to end

Is there hope for us all?

Will I see my friends?


Isolation is our hope

In this time of panic

Pandemic of COVID19

We will survive


Gone the days

Of playing outside

Having coffee with a friend

Or going to the movies


It’s a hard time now

Sleeping longer hours

Work has almost vanished

Desperation is near by


Family unity has grown

Divorces have increased

Isolation hurts for the lonely

Some enjoy the games


Exercising in the living room

Climbing the walls

Praying for a miracle

Smoking pot for the first time


Bills pill up

Food is diminishing

Toilet paper everywhere

Mask litter the streets


We will survive

We are stronger

Life continues

This will end


Andres Fragoso, Jr.

Art piece by Jim Kuene

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