Currently Accepting Artist Submissions For The “Voyage Through Isolation” Exhibit

Currently Accepting Artist Submissions For The “Voyage Through Isolation” Exhibit

We Want You!

Alpha Voyage Is Currently Accepting Artist Submissions For The “Voyage Through Isolation” Exhibit

 Today we face times of quarantine and isolation to help prevent the spread to the uninfected. While enduring quarantine, people need something uplifting to cheer them up, something that can lighten the mood and give them hope for the future.      Currently Accepting Artist Submissions For The “Voyage


You can be the one to provide that hope.

Alpha Voyage Gallery is looking for ART that adds some positivity and inspiration to people affected by the current pandemic by inviting you to submit art of your journey learned from being in quarantine.  

Here are a few ideas you can draw from to help others gain insight and wisdom from during the coronavirus:

  • My Life in Isolation – 
    • Show how you have coped with the Isolation. 
    • Did you fall under depression, and what did you do to get out of it? 
    • Did you get sick, how did you cope with it? 
  • Family in Isolation- 
    • How the Isolation has brought your family closer. 
    • Did you play new games or enjoyed family cooking or something else?
    • Did you get new insights about your family?
  • Love in Isolation – 
    • We want to see how you fell in love again with your partner.
    • Did you meet a new person?
    • Did you rekindle a spark?
  • Work in Isolation – 
    • Are you not working due to the pandemic?
    • Do you work from home? How do you like it?
    • How has social distancing affected your work?
  • Erotica in Isolation – 
    • How has the current pandemic affected your sense of lovemaking. 
    • Is it possible to make love and follow Social Distancing Protocols?
    • Did you try new things, wearing masks, gloves, hazard suites, or anything that incorporates Social Distancing?

We will feature artists and collaborations in October 8, 2021. We also have literary and community involvement. We bring people from different backgrounds to come to see your art and help them purchase it.


 Alpha Voyage is currently open to all mediums and works of any size and shape. This includes painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculptures, etc. Send your submission(s) using the link below for us to review your work. Submissions are free at this time. Due date is August 5, 2021, for consideration.


If we like your work and are considering it for an exhibition, our art advisor will contact you to discuss our process and answer your questions.


The piece is then consigned by Alpha Voyage by PTG and must be delivered to us for review. For reasons of liability, we ask you to ship your work at your own expense. We recommend insuring any shipments of artwork and proper packaging. The art piece must be delivered by August 14, 2020.

(If the piece is approved, our team will reach back out to you with a legal agreement before the work is placed on the exhibit. If the piece is not approved, it is sent back to the artist.)


Alpha Voyage shall take responsible steps to ensure your copyright is protected.


The artists and Alpha Voyage agree that the initial term of the artwork shall be three months.

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