Is Sex or Eroticism okay in art?

Is Sex or Eroticism okay in art?

YES! Of course, it is. We are part of nature. We create art of animals and quite literally they are all naked. Unless you cloth them in those cute little outfits, which some think it’s inhuman. 

Since the beginning of time, humans have described their bodies in different ways. Through finger paintings, writing on the cave walls, sculptures, wood carvings, glass, ceramics, clay, and so much more, including literature and film. Until recently humans were comfortable with their bodies and were not ashamed of display it. It’s beauty in its original sense.

Every single mythology and religion has the human body displayed in practically all mediums in one form or another. Ancient Greeks painted bowls of naked people jumping around or fighting. Cavemen drew stick figures in blood of people naked. Many cultures have sculptures made of clay, wood, and other materials of a nude woman naked called “Mother.”

Romans had full-size statues of naked men and women in beautiful poses. Each piece describing every detail of a human body, including the vagina and the penis in various states of arousal. Granted, a religion emasculated those figures and gave them fig leaves to represent Adam and Eve.

Art is our expression of ourselves. Today sex in art is a complex and complicated issue. We live in a society that sex has been called taboo or inhuman. A few people of power use their influences to censor those pieces because they are uncomfortable with what they do.

Yes, it’s okay to have sex or eroticism in art. Overall we need to look at art that has sexual or erotic influences. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a magazine, a book, a drawing, a mural, a sculpture, a glass piece, etc. etc. etc. We should be proud of our bodies and show them to all. Okay, not really all, there’s such a thing as modesty.

At Alpha Voyage, we don’t censor our artists. We show it all, bare to you know where.

Carl Young creates human body sculptures in glass, and other mediums showcasing the beautiful body of human beings. It’s tasteful, sincere, alluring, and natural. People are modeling for his pieces, and they are proud of the work Carl creates. 

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