Fekadu Mekasha

Fekadu Mekasha

At first glance, the stainless steel wire  mesh sculptures of Fekadu Mekasha  seem almost like illusions, beckoning the  question: “How in the world did he do that?'


Using his professional knowledge of welding, Mekasha has created a truly unique form of art. Each figurative portrait is crafted by meticulously cutting, welding, and sculpting many layers of wire mesh, thereby allowing light to pass through his portraits in a way that is almost mesmerizing. The shadows of the trimmed and superimposed overlapping layers of wire mesh even shift as the viewer’s perspective changes, providing an interactive quality to his sculptures.

Mekasha was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and moved to Las Vegas in 2004. In the beginning, Mekasha first sculpted his figurative works using metal rebar, but later switched to wire mesh upon discovering its fascinating ability to accurately represent the complexities of the human face.

Each one of his portraits is an original creation born out of the spontaneity, creativity, and artistic freedom of Mekasha’s unique process. These fabulous creations are sure to please both realistic and abstract art lovers alike, and they make a wonderful addition to any home.

Mekasha is also happy to work with any prospective collector to create a portrait of any celebrity in this unique medium. He will also happily sculpt a portrait of anyone for that matter, whether it be your child, spouse, friend, etc.