Margaret DeClerk

Margaret DeClerk

Margaret comes from a large family in a small town with no opportunities. No outlet for her creativity and because of that they thought she was a little weird. Piano classes were given by a  nun who was very demanding of her rebellious youth.

Her imagination has created some beautiful art that may be classified as surreal, like her piece the Serpent De Cheveux. She executes her work with art, precision, and care. Showcasing the details and different perspectives.

Maxfield Parrish, an illustrator has been her most influential artist. Raised with the belief that everything has a purpose. By using illustrations in her graphics and art she could give a purpose to what she creates.

Her experience in graphic arts has gained her a reputation as a great graphic artist in Las Vegas. Working in Cultural Affairs, she was responsible for many activities, exhibitions, and promotions of local art in local galleries. Her creations now are more expressive than simply making sense or giving purpose. With this new aspect of her job, she saw a way to express herself. Art is her passion.

Working with the city she found a network of artists and patrons who appreciate her artwork. She was asked to do artwork for the Project, City of 100 Murals celebrating the Las Vegas Centennial in 2005. After that, she has been asked to do more pieces for the city gallery, illustrations for the Mayor and private patrons.