Antonio Snow

Antonio Snow

When it comes to the elements, you can always count on Antonio Snow. A young man who knows what challenges are and what success is in life. A former athlete in his right, this native Las Vegan has gone from bouncing balls on the courts to painting animals of South Africa in pastels.

After his basketball career ended in an unfortunate event, he picked up charcoal and started sketching cows and horses. Unusual? Yes, except that he lived in Montana at the time, and that’s all he saw looking out the window.

From there, he felt he could do something more challenging. Pastels. The objects of his choice were Alpha type animals from South Africa. Choosing animals that have a strong dominance in their own right. Power and domination are often reflected in their stance and posture, while their eyes reveal their vulnerability and emotion. His art is a reflection of himself.

Gaining his inspiration from Eric Wolfson and his own life experiences, Antonio has created magic on canvas. When reality meets charcoal and pastels, there is a subliminal reality to it. You can stare into their eyes and connect with their soul.

His casual demeanor makes it easy to meet other artists. Either by networking or meeting them on social media or by chance, he has made friends who have followed his basketball career and his art.

When you meet him, you will not believe your eyes. At first glance, you see a professional business person in a tailored suit and tie with a smile that can open doors. After talking to him for a few minutes, you get a chance to see what's deep inside. The strength, the vulnerability, the humanity of a man that has seen dominance and balance comes through his eyes.

When you stop by the gallery, make it a point to see his work, and you, too, will be transfixed by the eyes of each of his artwork. The pieces are ready for you to take home and share with your company.