Shabbat Mode Programming

Shabbat Mode Programming

Private Technology Group can help transform your home to make observing Shabbat laws easier. We offer three different levels, Basic, Advanced, and Complete. Which is right for you and your family?

First, we need to be clear that this service does not have rabbinical certification. We do not currently have rabbinical supervision, but we are happy to work with your Rabbi and you on Complete level packages. 

Basic Shabbat Mode Programming

This is accomplished by creating a simple scene that sets all lights in the home to a preset level or off as desired. We will also raise or lower shades to preset levels. The concept is that before Shabbat or Yom Tov, you activate the scene and your home is ready. No more forgetting to turn the light in a bedroom off or leaving a lamp on too bright. 

Advanced Shabbat Mode Programming

This is a more advanced programming that includes programming in which the lights turn on and off according to a preset schedule. The schedule is started before Shabbat or Yom Tov and runs until you stop it. This allows for periods in which Shabbat laws must be observed for more than one day. 

This means you can have lights off during the day, on in the evening, and then have them move to a lower level or off at night. This can save energy and create a more comfortable space for your family and friends. Shades can also be set on a schedule. We are also able to disable the lighting controls in the house so an accidental touch doesn't disturb the lights or interrupt the schedule. 

Complete Shabbat Mode Programming

With the Complete Shabbat Mode Programming, we work with you and your family to transform your home. If you desire, we will also work with your Rabbi to guide us. 

The complete package includes the scheduled programming from the Advanced package. In addition, we use equipment and programming to disabled or turn off electronic components like motion sensors. This is more involved than simply ignoring the motion detection signal. We cut power to the motion sensors so that you walking through you home or yard does not cause any spark to be generated within the sensor itself. 

What's Next?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine which packages we can provide for you home. We will help you understand your options and what will be involved to implement our solution. We look forward to helping you.


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