What is Art?

What is Art?

Art is subjective and/or objective or merely a taste. An apple is an apple, but to the artist, it is a muse --- With it, they create a painting, photograph, sculpture, image, or even an apple taped to the wall. Art is what you, as the patron, see, and it makes you feel something.

By using the elements from within their universes, such as ink, dust, paint, marble, apple sauce, or a myriad of other media, the artist creates. Art is not limited to blood on the walls of a cave or a sculpture on Easter Island. It's what makes you feel, think, go, or stop. The definition of art is as varied as the patrons that appreciate it. That’s what makes it unique and exciting.

Making time for art is necessary. You can't just let art be somewhere and not look at it or appreciate it appropriately. Take your significant other to an art exhibit, and learn something more profound about each other. For an eye-opening conversation, ask a child to discuss a piece of art. Speak with an artist and realize a different perspective on this world. Art is about the experience, for both the viewer and the artist, not just the piece.

We take art for granted and only appreciate it when we see it in a magazine or on vacation in a museum. Art is everywhere, you can see it on the buildings, the buildings themselves, murals, on the floor, a car, a door, a landscape. Art is more than just images, sculptures, and drawings, it is a necessity for a healthy and satisfying life. 

What matters is that you find art that speaks to you and improves your life. An exhibit opening on the second Friday of every month at Alpha Voyage is a perfect way to find that particular piece to complete your room or possibly your soul. You might even be the apple that inspires the next Mona Lisa or White Album. 

Next time you see an apple, think of art. There are over 7,500 varieties of apples in this world. If you taste a different one every day, you will never get to try them all. This is the essence of art. You will never see all of the art in the world, but that does not mean you stop eating apples. (unless you have an apple allergy :) )

On your way to the Alpha Voyage Gallery, stop at a farmers market and buy an apple variety you've never tasted. Use this symbolic act to begin your journey into the world of art. It will set the stage for a fantastic experience that might just change your life forever.

Art Not a Banana by Kren I Coates

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