Treas Atkinson

Treas Atkinson

T. Atkinson is a mixed media & oil Artist and has been passionate about art since adolescence. After an initial interest in graphic arts in college, she found the ideal outlet for her creative drive in fine arts.

Fine arts provided an avenue that allowed her to explore the creative realms of fantasy, form, and imagination leading to her current creations.

These innovative creations exhibit a unique technique that brings forth iridescence and plays with light itself. These art pieces change form and mood from varied points of view, lighting arrangement, angle, and brightness. This phenomenon is created by the light actually traveling through and over a blend of colors, pigments, and glazes that have been allowed the freedom to build the foundation for the finished creation itself. The finished art that emerges from the backgrounds is the images embedded in the original form and those enhanced by the vision of T.Atkinson.

Her inspirations come from the Joys, beauty, pain, and sorrows that life brings to us; through our loves, travels, and the way we see the world. She was lucky enough to be able to share these travels with her husband. He was the love of her life, partner, mentor, and best friend. Together they enjoyed and created many extraordinary places in their creative visions and in their real life. Then as many unexpected things in life happen suddenly, she lost her husband, but she still perseveres and continues to create amazing works of art for herself, her audience and for his memory.

Through ups, downs, highs, and lows, her artwork like her, perseveres through all situations and circumstances. These works are a view of the soul and embodied with the essence of life. Owned by many, and seen by millions all over the globe. So for beauty, the love of life and everything wonderful in this world enjoys something fantastic that can take you anywhere you want to go. The Art of T.Atkinson.