Taylor Ann

Taylor Ann

I’m never good at introducing myself. The who are you, what do you do type questions always feel like I’m separating myself into puzzle pieces. Here are some basics; I’m a 31-year-old cis woman that moved to Nevada from Michigan in 1995. I’ve created my own world here in Nevada, surrounding myself with people that balance my own imbalances. 

When asked what you do, my response is simply I’m a wildlife artist specializing in realism that is working on my art career to be full time so my work can make a difference in wildlife conservation. The time to change is now. We can do this together. 

That is the base. Here’s the filling and the goodies. I have always been fascinated by animals. I knew when I was little, I would be doing something with animals. Over time, I started to fall in love with art. When the two combined, I found my own superpower. I know I might be a fairly quiet, laid back person, however like these animals, I too have a history. 

We can all see ourselves in animals. And we all feel left behind at times. It never has to be that way. My work is here to give animals their voices back. I want to tell you a story through the art, the title and in some cases, the specific animal. Some of these animals are rescues. They were abused, starved, forced to ‘perform’ or exotic pets. In June, you will hear their stories and how you can help them. As well as more information on Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, where they call home. I’m incredibly proud to be partnered with them, creating portraits of their residents to show their stories in a new light.

Right now, you will hear the stories of the animals that are still wild but in danger of disappearing before our eyes. Are you ready to help them stay wild and understand their importance to Nevada? That’s why I’m here.