Carl Young

My childhood was spent in the small town of Harbert Michigan on Lake Michigan. I spent a lot of time at the beach building sandcastles and playing in the dirt roads where there was plenty of mud after it rained. Basically the same material I use now. Was it the beginning of an art Career?

To capture beauty you need to play in the mud. Art crept into my soul while my father and I photographed the Chicago Art Institute’s Surrealism and Impressionism wings in 3-D. I still get flashbacks of his lectures on how his fellow photographers Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz brought this new French art movement (called Impressionism) to the US and how important it would become to the world in my lifetime. Now, I share an eternal connection with those who have lived before - to beauty, to aesthetics and to the human form in sculpture.

It is my passion to bring today’s art world into that eternal nexus.. to see that ART is really an all-encompassing sensory experience that God gave us to behold. ART is that unexplained ability we sometimes see in clairvoyants, mystics or psychics who are in touch with the eternal.

Where will life take you?

I have managed a motion picture film lab, owned a photographic studio and gallery. I was a Hollywood talent manager, a marketing director ... and a limo driver but all that was a prelude ... Osmosis helps but your eyes will deceive you. . . when you start using your hands your vision will clear. It was a profound awakening.

In 2001 I began creating sculptures full time. I started casting performers from "O" then moved on to showgirls, ballet dancers, strippers and actors. At first it was functional art, (lamps & tables) then I started doing "fine art", metal sculptures, painted & collaborative work...This was not a challenge – and too many others could do this. I wanted to do ceramics and glass. There was nothing you could buy that would allow me to create life sized glass pieces. So I started designing my own equipment.