Employee - Jeff Skalny - CEO/Owner

I decide on the direction and mission of the gallery and find artists, clients, and employees that align with those goals. I also handle a lot of the behind the scenes boring stuff that allows the business to continue providing Las Vegas with premier outlet for artist talent.

I am originally from the Metro Detroit area. I don't miss anything. All of my memories go with me wherever I am. Those memories are all I need to relive the past, so I never feel the need to miss it. 

Las Vegas is a good location to support my business goals. What brought me that Artwork helps me connect with others. It expands my understanding of other's perspectives and perceptions. It can cause me to think, relax, rejoice, and reimagine. It provides opportunities for friendship, discussion, and growth. I enjoy being a part of the process that allows others to benefit from art.

Technology is a part of who I am. My brain inherently understands the logical thinking of the computer and technology world. It was my family that started me on the journey through technology by exposing me to computers at a young age. 

I have over 30 years of experience in technology. I hold many certifications and have even served as an expert witness in support of a client in a California court of law (we won :) ).

What I like the most about the Gallery, is the atmosphere the most. The gallery is very comfortable and it leads to amazing conversations, quiet peaceful revelations, and soul recharging moments.