“My Time with Pointillism”

“My Time with Pointillism”


Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are the fathers of the pointillist impressionist technique. I have had the good fortune to see to have seen, studied and been amazed by their work in multiple museums. They were always paintings that would stop me in my tracks while wandering through gallery rooms.

But not just dots

Pointillism is a color theory, Dots of varying color placed close to each other lets the eye and the brain blend the colors mentally. I’ve often wondered if the German scientists who pioneered the cathode ray tube had ever traveled to a salon show in Paris and had an aha moment?

Dot Dot Dot is OCD

A very time consuming technique, Zen like, meditative, an exercise in patience. I would have never have been able to paint this way when I was young. Now the technique is helping me transition from middle age until the next.

Dot for what?

My first experiment or two began a difficult transition, the area of a canvas that would take a minute or two to cover with a brush stroke now took a half hour. The first experiment was a huge success and I was hooked. After that piece, I have experimented with pointillist portraits, landscapes, still life, abstracts, religious, and some spur of the moment ideas.

Follow the Dots

Years of dots has led me down a path into two new and different areas of artistic expression. Tiny dot require a 00 or a liner brush and continual dipping into paint. Painting small lead me to begin painting my miniature gemstone paintings. The first path.

The second path formed from of a simple idea. The painting “Color Bubbles” (in this show) was an experiment to see what would happen at the intersection points of overlapping objects. I loved the result, learned about the space between the dots and how to achieve opaqueness and translucence with pointillism. I have searched thousands of other pointillist pieces and have yet to find another artist who does this. Doubtful this way of using pointillism is unique to me, but for now I enjoy the simple delusion that it is.

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