Helena Linakis

Helena Linakis

New York born, self-taught artist and writer, Helena Linakis, creates paintings in mediums of acrylic and watercolor. The daughter of author Steven Linakis and cousin; opera singer Maria Callas.

Linakis' works are poetic stories taken from the heart of life. An odyssey of self-discovery. “I start a poem with each of my paintings, but I allow the viewer to join me in finishing the story with his or her own life experiences and emotions.”

Linakis’ works are often mixed media, but primarily acrylic and watercolor paintings. Watercolor tends to be her art medium of choice: hypnotic and addictive. The allure is multi-faceted, but it is the unique spontaneity of the medium that Linakis finds most fascinating. The wonderful accidents that occur in watercolor, are like no other art medium.

Linakis’ abstract impressionist techniques and symbolism, calls on the viewer to understand the painting’s implied narrative. “I don’t make paintings of what I see. I start with what I see and what I dream. I manipulate the color and the light. I want to draw people in to see what I feel.”

“My painting is my escape. When I am painting, I am always listening to music. The pain of the world goes away, it becomes beautiful again and I find myself. Like the world ever changing, I often mix various styles to create wholly new interpretations of what I see and experience in my life. Each painting is an original never to be painted twice. In life, we don’t go back to the past and live again, we continue on life’s journey. Welcome to my odyssey of artistic self-discovery.” Helena Linakis
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