Eddie Williams

Eddie Williams

"I should've been a statistic. Born to a single mother, I was child number 3 with other 6 siblings. Art was always in my dreams. It was my coping mechanism as we struggled with poverty and no stable home life. It's hard as a child to deal with the constant moving. 7 different schools, 15 different houses, and these were all before I became a teenager. I'd lay in the back yard and dream. But how do you dream of art if you've never really been exposed to it? All I knew was that I loved the different colors in the sky. I'd identify abstract pictures out of clouds, and I would let my brain wander from there. Kids are resilient, and we should never underestimate the power they have in self."

Born in 1979 in Belleville, Illinois, Eddie was raised in East St. Louis, Illinois, by his mother, Cornelia. A high school dropout, Eddie moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 17 to pursue a relationship that eventually left him as a single dad with 3 children. Although most of his 20's were spent being a dad and trying to provide for his kids, his love of art was never far away. Occasionally, finances allowed him to purchase supplies and continue his passion for perfecting color blending and abstract design. During these late-night sessions, his time alone was priceless. He'd think back to his childhood days and remember the vibrant colors that he first fell in love with, along with the memories of his time in Puerto Rico. "I remember feeling artistically alive roaming through the streets of San Juan. The buildings were always painted in bright, cheerful colors. The streets were paved with cobblestone that eventually produced some of the prettiest stones in the world."

Eddie and his children eventually moved to California and settled into a Central Valley home, where he still resides today. His eldest son and daughter are now on their own, pursuing their own careers in medicine and the US Air Force respectfully. His youngest child is still attending grade school. This extra time alone has allowed Eddie to continue pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist.

Eddie looks to the inspiration of prior work by Paul Pascal and Pablo Picasso. Paul Klee is a German Painter who is also on the top list of artists in Eddie's eyes. "Paul's ability to make you think about squares and triangles and integrating colors that intertwine with abstract is fascinating." Wassily Kandinsky is another artist on Eddie's shortlists of admiration. He's a Russian abstract painter that Eddie has learned from over the years. Eddie takes a piece of each of these artists' inspiration when he is creating his works. Ultimately providing you with a one-of-a-kind design by King 7.

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