Emerging Artists Challenge

  • 12x12 Canvas Artist Statement
  • 1-2 Paragraphs describing intention and methods
  • Must be available for purchase at a predefined fixed price
  • Under 18 for prize consideration
  • Must be original work of the submitting artist

Click the link to submit your artwork

Upcoming Topics

Alternate Lyric Interpretation

August 2023.

Take a familiar lyric and present your perspective. For example, Born in the U.S.A., is it a rallying cry, condemnation, or something else?

Album Cover

September 2023

Design an album cover for the story of your life this year.

Candy Coated Horror Poster

October 2023

Present a disturbing concept or topic in an overly happy, positive way.

Bob Dylan Lyric

November 2023

Use your favorite Bob Dylan lyric as the inspiration for the piece.