Art. Technology. Wellness.

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Often dealt with individually, we bring art, technology, and wellness together for the next evolution in Smart Living. It is easier to realize the connections when you experience our philosophy in person. Designed to introduce you to these concepts, Alpha Voyage Gallery is a must-visit destination. Learn how perfect harmony can help you live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

ART (noun)

1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

2. The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

-Oxford Dictionary
Art. Technology. Wellness.

Art by itself can benefit all. Whether it be proper lighting, quality speakers, or improving ease-of-use; technology amplifies and provides convenience to enjoy it throughout your daily life.

When most people hear the word art their first thoughts are often of paintings or sculptures. The best versions of those elicit emotion, provoke thought, inspire action, or enhance a mood. When properly lit and placed, they can transform our lives in ways we never expected. The perfect mural can tie a room's decor together for that comforting feeling of home. Inspiration and a sense of awe can come from a towering sculpture. A powerful painting can set the tone for meetings in your office.

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Aside from paintings and sculptures, music is one form of art that we believe to be essential to wellness. Without technology, you would need to rely on live music performances while you relax, eat dinner, or entertain guests. That is neither realistic nor convenient. Now, with the right setup, music comes at the push of a button. The tech behind this ability to accurately and effectively reproduce music is easy to take for granted these days. We celebrate the magic of music and invite you to consider how vital it is to our lives.

Have you ever dined in a restaurant devoid of music? Ever try working out in absolute silence? Even in the initial silence of a secluded forest, we find ourselves drawn to the subtle sound of the wind blowing through the leaves, the trees moaning as the breeze caresses their branches, the water babbling its way down the brook, and the wildlife whispering among themselves. Sounds connect us with our world. What we decide to listen to gives us some control over the connection we experience. Loud, fast music for that intense workout. Gentle lazy music for Sunday morning. Or even music our parents enjoyed with us to cherish a memory from the past.

Similarly discounted as commodities are movies and tv shows. In the past, we had to gather together to enjoy the drama and splendor of the theater. It was something that we looked forward to and planned around. The rarity helped us appreciate it for the artwork it is. Today, everything is so readily available that we can be quick to consume and lose focus on how magical it is. We become satisfied watching on small screens at low-quality as we move from place to place. It robs us of the chance to completely lose ourselves in the fantasy.

Art. Technology. Wellness.

We want you to unwind and get lost in the endless worlds created by talented writers, directors, and actors. A theater or media room created by us, Private Technology Group (PTG), will have you feeling the real world melt away as you become part of the movie. You’ll find yourself ducking as the exploding car flies at you. Holding your breath as your favorite character expresses their profoundly deep love for another with no idea if the feeling is mutual. You are cheering and jumping out of your chair as the underdog pushes past the competition to victory. If you haven't experienced these phenomena in your home, let us help upgrade your voyage.

Maybe you’re the person looking to leave the concert hall and step away from the big screen. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Grab a good book and a nice cup of tea for the ultimate journey inward. With the right technology, you can create an environment that lends itself to a literary adventure. The perfect temperature, light only where you need it, just enough ambient sound to drown out any reminders of the world around you, and the scent of a fresh spring morning on the coast set the atmosphere for a rewarding odyssey. All this is made convenient and easy with the proper mix of art, technology, and wellness by PTG.


1.    a. The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area.

b. A capability given by the practical application of knowledge.

2. A manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Art. Technology. Wellness.

We are deeply rooted in technology, with over 20 years of experience in the smart-home business and more than two and half decades of computer and networking experience. About five years ago, we started to look into what makes technology most robust. What we determined is that art is essential to great technology.

By itself technology can be cold, logical, and heartless. When paired with understanding, art, and wellness it can be revolutionary. That is the perfect balance we strive to find with every solution we provide. We use technology in measured ways to ensure the technology improves your life instead of ruining it.

Technology can also be a majestic beast. In the right hands, it can help you rise above. In the hands of the inexperienced or unscrupulous, it can destroy your peace and harmony. We have the experience, knowledge, and desire to craft the appropriate blend of technology in your life.


1. The quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal.

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Art. Technology. Wellness.

Wellness has become a popular topic, especially in the last year as the pandemic has changed the way we live. Everyone is more aware of toxic environments and their effect on our health. We combine art and technology with nature to help you transform your home and office into centers of wellness.

A vast variety of approaches and techniques are available in your pursuit of personal wellness. Read our article on the Techniques of Wellness for more detail and find a method that resonates with you. In general, we believe the key to a good wellness space focuses on five key points.

  1. Air Quality
  2. Acoustics
  3. Lighting 
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Equipment

Air quality is more than just clean air. It includes aroma, temperature, and movement.

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Living Plants bring a literal sense of life to your space. The right plants can purify the air and create a sense of calm. Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. We employ technology to reduce the burden of plant care so you can have a long and healthy relationship with your plant friends. We set the proper watering schedule and even provide regular maintenance for stress-free growth with your living buddies. 

Aromas are potent tools that can instantly help us shift our mood or recall that fond memory of the past. We allow you to control the room's aromas with essential oil diffusers, curated plant selections, and air purifiers to support any technique you choose to use.

Air temperature and movement are vital and often overlooked. Using technology again, we make it easy for you to control and adjust throughout your wellness session.

Acoustics is the science of sound. How sound reflects, transmits, and is absorbed is essential to understand when creating a wellness space. We use science to design the wellness space for optimal auditory experiences, giving you the power to transform the room instantly. 

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Auditory content is highly dependent on the techniques you choose to practice. Whether you need peaceful forest sounds, thundering rainstorms, relaxing piano music, or fast-paced workout music, we make it easy to start your session and adjust the environment as your needs change. 

Proper lighting means controlling natural and artificial light with precision and repeatability. We help you select motorized window treatments that fit the room's aesthetics while still providing necessary control of the natural light. Our Ketra LED lighting solutions work with natural light when present and recreate natural light when needed. 

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Aesthetics set the tone of a well-designed wellness space and experience. An adequately organized area that is clean and easy to maintain will make you look forward to your wellness journey. We work with interior designers to ensure that form and function blend spectacularly to create a space that you are happy to share with others for a group session or solo escape from a hectic day.

Art. Technology. Wellness.

Equipment to support your techniques must be considered and appropriately designed. We help you develop the perfect space by accounting for massage tables, living plant walls, hidden speakers, proper seating, and so much more. You can have the most fantastic baseball stadium in the world, but if you don't have a bat, a ball, and the bases, it won't do you much good. Live Smart and let us worry about the details.

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