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Holy Motors - Horse [LP]

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The more hopeful a?sunrisea to 2018as critically acclaimed Slow Sundown, Horse finds Tallinn, Estoniaas Holy Motors acknowledging the Americana and rockabilly strands of their musical DNA without sacrificing any of the otherworldly mystique that keeps them from neatly conforming to the shoegaze and dreampop labels often applied to their music. From the albumas opening moments, songs like a?Country Church,aќ with its major key and classic rhythm and blues guitarline, and a?Midnight Cowboy,aќ which sounds like a lost Buddy Holly 45 played at 33 rpm, make it clear that Horse a'' even if it may not accomplish the impossible task of demystifying this band of ex-Soviet cowboys a'' will at least show you that thereas more to them than the near-impenetrable darkness of their work to date may suggest. While tracks like a?Troubleaќ and a?Endless Nightaќ gravitate towards the ethereal production and existential subject matter of prior releases, repeat listens will reveal the same complex compositions and humanity that are much more a hallmark of Horseas eight songs. As a whole, Horse stands as a warmer, more human counterpoint to 2018as celestial Slow Sundown. As to which of the two entries better approximates Holy Motorsa natural set point, only time will tell.

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