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Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth [LP]

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A reissue of the 1980 Perfect Youth album from white-hot but short-lived Vancouver rockers the Pointed Sticks. A bright, fresh, and fun mix of punk, pop, and rock sounds produced by the legendary Bob Rock.
''The Pointed Sticks' one studio album is one of those pleasures that is utterly of its time as well as lasting beyond it-not a bad legacy at all, considering the ups and downs the band went through to finally record it. To be fair, the giddy power pop style the quintet specialized in was fairly crowded... But nothing about Perfect Youth sounds half-assed-credit in particular for ending on what might be its best song, ''Part of the Noise''... there's Nick Jones' vocals, high, snotty, but never totally harsh, a delicious little whine (and this is meant as a compliment!). Meanwhile, Ken Montgomery aka Dimwit brings plenty of energy and skill from his previous Subhumans gig to never simply be a timekeeper, as can be heard in the subtle but strong fills and shifts on songs like 'When She's Alone' and a great cover of The Sonics' 'The Witch.' Getting Bob Rock in to handle one of his earliest productions turned out to be an inspired move, with the deft additions of brass on some songs adding extra punch. ''
- Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

* Reissue of 1980 power pop classic full-length from Vancouver, BC
* Early production by Bob Rock
* Followed a Brinsley Schwarz-produced three-song EP on Stiff Records
* Band was featured in Dennis Hopper's 1980 film Out Of The Blue
* For fans of Shoes, The dBs, The Fleshtones, Human Switchboard
* No export to UK

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