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Good For You - Life's Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge [LP]

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As the founder, guitarist and driving influence behind Black Flag, Greg Ginn defined the west coast punk sound and the
DIY ethos of punk rock. Through his record label SST, Ginn has tirelessly performed, produced and released new music by
himself as well as from an eclectic array of independent artists.

Professional skateboarder and musician, Mike Vallely first saw Black Flag perform at City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey
in 1984. Crediting it as a life changing experience, Mike set forth from that show on an uncharted course of self-expression
through his skating. Discovered by Stacy Peralta in 1986, Mike turned pro in 1987 and has had an un-paralleled skateboard
career. His first band Mike V And The Rats was formed in 2001.

Greg and Mike first met in Long Beach, CA in May of 2003 when Mike V And
The Rats started a supporting run of shows for Greg that would eventually lead
to Mike doing a guest vocal spot at the Black Flag Reunion Shows in September
2003. A friendship was formed and the two have kept in touch through the years
with the intention of collaborating on new music at some point.

In February of 2012 Greg presented Mike with some music. Mike spent the next 5
months filling notebooks with lyric ideas that would eventually become the debut
release from Good For You, Life’s Too Short (To Not Hold A Grudge).

Recorded in Taylor, Texas Life’s Too Short... is an angst ridden recording of high
energy rock songs blistered with themes of betrayal, regret, disillusionment as
well as resolve, determination and independence.

1. I’d Rather Die (3:34)
2. No Plan B (2:36)
3. Free (4:40)
4. Hanging Around (3:56)
5. Knife in the Face (6:47)
1. Stupid Me (3:27)
2. Good Sport (3:21)
3. It’s Just Business (4:59)
4. Dreams (4:10)
5. Blaze of Glory (2:50)
6. True Companion (2:33)

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