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Flag Of Democracy - Hate Rock [LP]

by SRA
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Pennsylvania thrashcore legends FLAG OF DEMOCRACY made the perfect punk rock record in 1994 and practically no one noticed. From the opening tape noise freakout of ''King Size Twisted'' to the slipped-disc insanity cover of THE GO-GOS' ''Head Over Heels'' to the final haunting seconds of ''Cathode Ray Mission,'' the provocatively named Hate Rock (a very open middle finger to the still scary Mid-Atlantic White Power scene of the 1990s by the way) still sounds like an experiment in disciplined rule-breaking gone very, very right. Masterfully engineered by the great Art DiFuria (Photon Band) Hate Rock is finally coming out on vinyl -gloriously remastered orange vinyl-- a mere two decades after its original release. If you slept on Hate Rock the first time around. Don't blow it again.

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