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Iggy And The Stooges - Telluric Chaos [2LP]

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Iggy and the Stooges live reunion gig in Japan in 2004, 30 years after their split. Limited red and white vinyl version.

''Iggy & the Stooges are widely regarded as instrumental in the rise of punk rock, as well as influential to alternative rock, heavy metal and rock music at large.''

They reunited in 2003, almost 30 years after a notorious, riotous final gig where they got bottled on stage while Iggy traded insults with a biker gang. (That live show was famously documented on the album 'Metallic KO' on Skydog Records, issued in 1976 just as punk was breaking out, cementing Iggy's 'Godfather Of Punk' reputation.) Iggy released a live album of the reunited Stooges, fittingly again on Skydog Records (through Jungle Records). 'Telluric Chaos' is recorded in Tokyo on March 24th 2004, and features The Stooges still in electrifying form. The album chronicles the closing date of the band's first ever Japanese tour, which took place on March 22, 2004, at the Shibuya AX in Tokyo. The album documents a typical reunited Stooges set, primarily drawn from the band's first two albums (including all of Fun House) with no material from the James Williamson era (Raw Power, Kill City). The album/live set also includes some of the first live performances of three of the four Stooges reunion tracks from Iggy Pop's 2003 solo album Skull Ring plus one brand new song, ''My Idea Of Fun'' (a finalized version appears on their 2007 studio album The Weirdness).

This vinyl double comes in Limited Edition red and white vinyl, together with a 24''x12'' poster.

Here's a video of 'TV Eye' from a show two days earlier:

Track Listing
Disc 1:
Down On The Street
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Tv Eye
Real Cool Time
No Fun

Disc 2:
Fun House
Skull Ring
Rock Star
Electric Chair
Little Doll
My Idea Of Fun
Not Right

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