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Gary Louris - Vagabonds

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The American guitarist, singer and songwriter Gary Lourdis was founding member of the Minneapolis-based band The Jayhawks and their principal songwriter and vocalist after the departure of Mark Olson. He eventually was responsible for moving the band from folk-country towards a more progressive, pop sound. The band formed in 1985 in Minneapolis and appeared on Letterman in 2003, performing ''Save It For A Rainy Day,'' off their Rainy Day Music album. They recorded seven albums for Columbia before going on hiatus in 2005. The band briefly reunited in 2011 for a new album and tour only to return to a hiatus when Olson left again in 2012.

Louris' additional credits include being a member of the intermittent Midwest collective, Golden Smog that recorded two albums on Rykodisc and two albums on Lost Highway from 1995 to 2007, as well as co-writing ''Jealous of Moon'' with Chris Thile in 2005-the song appeared on the Nickel Creek album Why Should The Fire Die?-and songs for the 2008 Dixie Chicks album Taking The Long Way.

In 2008, Rykodisc released Gary's first solo album Vagabonds. The album was produced by Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. In an interview, Louris was quoted as saying,'' It wasn't my intention to recapture the '70s or anything, that's just what comes out when I sing... .Once we got the band together for the sessions, it actually reminded me of how The Jayhawks were when we started out. The music is new and exciting for them, and it was good for me to feed off of that.'' Vagabonds was recorded in Laurel Canyon, which is famous for being the center of the 1970s singer-songwriter scene, and is expanded here with bonus material from the sessions-many making their debut to vinyl, and others new to any physical format.

Side A
1 True Blue
2 Omaha Nights
3 To Die A Happy Man
4 She Only Calls Me On Sundays
5 We'll Get By
Side B
1 Black Grass
2 I Wanna Get High
3 Vagabonds
4 D.C. Blues
5 Meandering
Side C
1 Three Too Many (Outtake) D
2 Working Girl (Demo) D
3 Baby Let Me Take Care Of You (Outtake) B
4 Fall Day (Demo) B
5 Girl in the Window (Outtake) J
Side D
1 True Blue L
2 Omaha Nights L
3 To Die A Happy Man L
4. She Only Calls Me on Sundays L
5. We'll Get By L
6. Vagabonds L

D iTunes bonus track, previously unavailable on any physical format
B Amazon bonus track, previously unavailable on any physical format
J Previously unreleased
L Acoustic version

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