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Replacements, The - All Shook Down [LP]

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Breakout from Sire Box.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Band Members: Paul Westerberg- vocals, guitars(1979-1991, 2006, 2012-2015)
Tommy Stinson- bass guitar(1979-1991, 2006, 2012-2015) Chris Mars- drums(1979-1990, 2006) Bob Stinsonguitars(
1979-1986; died 1995) Slim Dunlap- guitars(1986-1991) Steve Foley- drums(1990-1991; died 2008)
The Replacements initially formed in 1979, and were wild and quickly became notorious for their drunken, chaotic gigs.
After they built up a sizable local following, the Minneapolis label Twin/Tone signed them. Critics and fellow musicians
were quick to praise the band, and they developed a large underground following.

Side A
01 Merry Go Round (2008
Remastered Version)
02 One Wink at a Time
(2008 Remastered
03 Nobody (2008
Remastered Version)
04 Bent Out of Shape
(2008 Remastered
05 Sadly Beautiful (2008
Remastered Version)
06 Someone Take the
Wheel (2008
Remastered Version)

Side B
01 When It Began (2008
Remastered Version)
02 All Shook Down (2008
Remastered Version)
03 Attitude (2008
Remastered Version)
04 Happy Town (2008
Remastered Version)
05 Torture (2008
Remastered Version)
06 My Little Problem (2008
Remastered Version)
07 The Last (2008
Remastered Version)

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