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Houndmouth - California Voodoo, Pt. II [12'']

by Reprise
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''California Voodoo, Part II isHoundmouth's second installment of state-sponsored witchcraft featuring two unreleased
''Talk Of The Town'' is an indie music myth. It's whispered about in quiet corners of small record label offices. Or
shared via email with the subject head ''You didn't get this from me''. As it were, the public has never heard it. Neither
the time nor the place ever seemed quite right to release the track... until now. Written by maestro Jonathan Rado (of
Foxygen) and the late, great Richard Swift,Houndmouth's version of ''Talk'' picks up Bruce Springsteen in a flying
saucer and drops him off ''down on High Street'' in 1989. The jam features synth-y bass, foot-stomping drums and
fuzzy guitar riffs that linger in your head.
Accompanying the collab track is one fromHoundmouth's Shane Cody appropriately titled ''Shane's Song''. The band
slows it down then speeds it up this time for a reflective song of ''could-have'' and ''should have''. The percussion focus
here is tastefully accessorized by smooth guitar licks and Cody's falsetto. Crescendoing into a dizzying whirlwind,
''Shane's Song'' takes heartbreak and makes a beautiful sound for all to enjoy.''
''Talk of the Town'' was recorded at Vox Studios and Sonora Records in Los Angeles. ''Shane's Song'' was recorded at
Boulevard Studio in Los Angeles. Both songs were co-produced by Shawn Everett and Jonathan Rado.

Side A
01 Talk of the Town

Side B
01 Shane's Song

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