Alva - Ja Tik Butu [LP]

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Originally released in 1978 on Pennine Records, two catalog numbers before they
issued the famous Rosemary Lane album by Tickawinda! Even European music
might can quite an exotic feeling and Latvian rockers Alva are the living proof.
Based in England when they released their sole album, Ja Tik Butu..., they fell
straight into the folk rock genre with their cross of melancholic, even slightly
psychedelic rock and colorful, mystifying Baltic folk -- all in the middle of the UK
punk explosion. Their music has a raw rock edge, with haunting melodies that
entwine around your mind like ivy. The result is mind-expanding and you can be
sure that this is something you will hardly have experienced before in such a
radical form. Folk, melancholic rock, and laid-back punk rock meld into one
enchanting sound, with Baltic folk holding the biggest share in the overall picture.
The punk feeling, on the other hand, is the result of the energetic playing, while all
the musicians are as skilled as a band should be -- Alva leave the sloppy
performance always associated with punk rock to others. They even reach a postpunkish
area with the strange, humorous, yet somehow anthemic ''Vilcienu
Dziesma.'' Alva could have inspired fans of 1960s garage rock, haunting Eastern
European gypsy folk, and more sophisticated punk rock, and become a major
force in the rock world if the business was just a little bit more fair. This album is
like a trip through an idyllic landscape, but the constant feeling of an uproar
backing up the flaming melodies. Listen with a free mind and you will be dragged
into a world of sheer beauty and joy.
01./A1. Ja Tik B?tu
02./A2. Pils?ta Kur? Piedzimst V?js
03./A3. Kop?
04./A4. Svesinieks
05./A5. Akts
06./B1. Vilcienu Dziesma
07./B2. Migl?
08./B3. Zieme?v?ji
09./B4. Es Izk?lu
10./B5. Jo Beigas Ir Kl?t

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