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Gossling - Harvest of Gold [LP]

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Australia's Gossling is quietly brewing a revolution against the status quo, all powered by delicate and sophisticated vocals. There's no swagger here, no bravado, instead Gossling's music proves the irresistible power of minimalism.
''I'm interested in music that stirs emotion,'' says Gossling's mastermind Helen Croome, about her latest album, Harvest of Gold. The debut LP follows the critically-lauded EPs which earned Croome accolades and airtime in Australia and activated a global audience, earning Gossling a stellar 2014 set at South-By-Southwest where she was named by the links of Elle, Esquire and Buzzfeed as an artist to watch in 2014.
Back in Melbourne she teamed up with producer John Castle (Vance Joy, The Bamboos) and set up shop in his studio called The Shed. ''It's really a shed,'' Croome laughs, ''it's a three room shack near his house, and John and I would toy around with keyboards and drums. The mics are set up to be live. If you have an idea, we put it down right away.'' The quick production session created the succinct sound of Harvest of Gold - nothing overwrought, just simple songs with lush textures and vocal hooks that deftly weaves complex emotional themes throughout.
Track Listing:
1. Big Love
2. Harvest of Gold
3. Never Expire
4. Songs of Summer (feat. Alexander Burnett)
5. Vanish
6. Challenge
7. Accolade
8. That Feeling
9. Pulse
10. A Lovers' Spat

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