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Erasure - World Beyond [LP]

by Mute
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World Beyond is a completely re-recorded version of World Be Gone featuring classical interpretations of the tracks. Late last year, Andy Bell travelled to Brussels to re-record the album with The Echo Collective, a Belgian based classical music ensemble who have worked with A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Stars of the Lid, Johann Johannsson and more.

World Beyond still sees the band in an altogether more thoughtful and reflective mood. On ''World Be Gone'', recent political upheavals are given a thoughtful examination and, as highlighted on the painted artwork showing a ship's masthead rising up from being submerged in the stormy waters, Erasure are looking ahead, towards an expectant future which points towards love as evidenced the buoyant album closer ''Just A Little Love'': ''Just a little love, not the hate that's calling. Just a little love and the walls start falling''.

1. Oh What A World
2. Be Careful What You Wish For
3. World Be Gone
4. A Bitter Parting
5. Still It's Not Over
6. Take Me Out Of Myself
7. Sweet Summer Loving
8. Love You To The Sky
9. Lousy Sum Of Nothing
10. Just A Little Love

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