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Al Di Meola - Anthology [2CD]

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This compilation accurately summarize the fusion king's work from the mid to late '70s through
the early '80s. Di Meola's compositional strength shines brightly, as does his absolutely blazing
guitar work featuring his trademarks, mind boggling speed and precision. Di Meola covers
an enormous amount of musical ground. From the graceful power of the epic ''Elegant Gypsy
Suite,'' to the gentle ''Bianca's Midnight Lullaby,'' to a rocker like ''Cruisin','' he effortlessly
switches between multiple styles, often within the same song. Four (new) bonus tracks are
included, ''Medley: Short Tales Of The Black Forest/Fantasia Suite For Two Guitars,'' ''The
Wizard,'' ''Al Di's Dream Theme,'' and ''Theme To The Mothership.'' All four bonus are live cuts.

CD 1
1. Land Of The Midnight Sun
2. Suite: Golden Dawn
3. Race With Devil On Spanish Highwaya
4. Elegant Gypsy Suite
5. Senor Mouse
6. Casino
7. Medley: Short Tales Of The Black Forest/Fantasia
Suite For Two Guitars (Bonus Track)
8. The Wizard (Bonus Track)

CD 2
1. Alien Chase On Arabian Desert
2. Dinner Music Of The Gods
3. Bianca's Midnight Lullay
4. God Bird Change
5. Electric Rendesvous
6. Nena (Live)
7. Egyptian Danza (Live)
8. Cruisin' (Live)
9. Island Dreamer
10. Sequencer
11. Al Di's Dream Theme (Bonus Track)
12. Theme To The Mothership (Bonus Track)

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