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Pantha du Prince - Conference Of Trees [2LP]

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Conference of Trees trees communicate with each other. A fact that until now was hardly thought possible is now scientifically proven. In times of the current climate crisis, there may be alternative ways to counteract the impending catastrophe. For this it would make sense to enter into a dialogue with the trees. ''Conference Of Trees'' symbolizes this exchange by looking for a musical language for the communication of the trees. Pantha du Prince has now tried to implement this phenomenon musically with his work ''Conference of Trees''. Weber and his four fellow musicians created a ten-part suite on very different instruments - from classic cello, lots of tonewoods and bells in different moods to self-made instruments and electronics. The album begins with an almost overwhelming beautiful sound, with rich, full relaxation, and then slowly gets more and more excited. It doesn't take long and you are in a passionate debate. At the end of this musical conference you will be led back to the beginning, but now everything is different. And this also applies to the listener: you get out of this sound experience differently than you immersed in it. Some of the recordings were made from live concerts and in the studio. His quartet consists of four top musicians, with whom Pantha du Prince has been working in part since ''The Bell Laboratory''. With ''Conference Of Trees'' Hendrik Weber releases his sixth album as Pantha du Prince. After stations at DIAL Records, In 2010 he published his opus magnum ''Black Noise'' on the English rough trade label, for which he also received an echo. With ''Conference of Trees'' Pantha du Prince meets the spirit of the times. In terms of music and content, it offers a contribution to what a world of tomorrow can look like. A conference for today and tomorrow.

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