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Handsome Family, The - Unseen [LP]

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The Sparks' music is steeped in the western gothic of New Mexico life. The unseen is powerful here. Nothing rusts, but entire oceans have disappeared. Ski masks mean robberies, but in the slow dive of the sun enormous bugs awaken in thorny yards and unseen sirens and coyotes cry out to the purple sky. Just about anywhere you stand there's been some blood drawn.

2016 brings the release of Unseen - 10 songs by a couple both world-famous and happily invisible. Each song on the record has a guiding color - gold, silver, green, red, white. Unseen is about the light that emanates from things we can't see - behind ''The Red Door,'' in the empty hands of blackjack losers , and amidst desert bones bleaching in the sun.

The Handsome Family's greatest gift lies in its tremendous talent for painting vivid, sometimes terrifying pictures with every word - NPR

The Handsome Family's absorbing vision of decay and entropy is quietly unsettling and makes most other modern roots music seem like child's play - MOTHER JONES

Words that in their everyday surrealism have no parallel in contemporary writing... Music that mines the deep veins of fatalism in the Appalachian voice - GREIL MARCUS

As songwriters it's the eerie, ancestral voice of 'Anonymous' they ultimately resemble the most - CHICAGO READER

1. Gold
2. The Silver Light ?
3. Back In My Day ?
4. Tiny Tina ?
5. Underneath The Falls ?
6. The Sea Rose
7. The Red Door ?
8. Gentlemen ?
9. King Of Dust ?
10. Green Willow Valley

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