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Jerry Joseph - The Beautiful Madness [2LP]

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New Studio Album Produced by Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers)
''I consider Jerry one of the absolute best songwriters of our generation and wanted to make an album that, above all, backed up that argument. I wanted to capture the songs in their purest forms with only the embellishments that I thought would further that case. My rule of thumb was if it didn't further the narrative it should be left off. That applied to instrumentation as well as the songs themselves. Jerry, to his credit, signed on enthusiastically, even though it often pulled him far out of his comfort zones. He responded by bringing in some of the greatest songs he'd ever written and he threw himself into each and every performance.

Most likely, if you know who Jerry is, you agree, but there's also a big chance that you don't. His talent, drive, work ethic, amazing body of work and flat out badassness makes him one of the most underrated and tragically overlooked artists alive today. He deserves better and I'm hoping to help shine a light on who and what Jerry Joseph is and why you should listen to what he's doing and saying'' - Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers

Jerry Joseph is a musician who lives in Portland Oregon, but he's often gone. He's been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, but is still rather obscure to a lot of people. He plays well over 150 shows a year in the usual places. Across America. Sometimes in Europe, Mexico and Central America. Then there's these other places he plays; Lebanon, Israel, Kurdish Iraq, India and Afghanistan. All over the middle east, often in war zones and refugee camps. In addition to his touring, Jerry has set up a non-profit called Nomad that acts as a sort of School of Rock for displaced teenagers in areas of conflict. So far he has taken guitars and taught lessons in camps in Kabul / Afghanistan, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk in Kurdish Iraq. These life-changing missions have been written up in Rolling Stone, Relix, PBS News Hour and Rolling Stone - France. A Triple Threat (someone who works at the highest levels as a songwriter, singer And player.) Jason Isbell, who kinda personifies such, recently Tweeted about Triple Threats and listed Jerry Jospeh (along with Richard Thompson and St. Vincent) among the greatest examples of that phenomenon.

Disc 1
Days of Heaven
Bone Towers
Full Body Echo
San Acacia
(I'm In Love With) Hyrum Black
Sugar Smacks
Disc 2
Dead Confederate
Black Star Line

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