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Jesse Terry - Stargazer [CD]

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On the eponymous title track of Stargazer, the lushly orchestrated and existentially optimistic fourth LP from singer/songwriter Jesse Terry, the notion of personal unhappiness is framed in terms of a cosmic choice: ‰''Go on stargazer, I know how much it hurts / But you are free now to pick your universe.‰'' Infused with the warmth of a beautifully arranged string quartet and the otherworldly tremor of a lap steel guitar, ‰''Stargazer‰'' unfurls as a melodic Zen koan, a deep intuition all of us have at one point or another that the extent of our suffering ‰(no matter its apparent source or point of origin ) is largely up to us. The world‰'s frequent brutality and indifference are undeniable facts of life, facts that can feel oppressive and impenetrable. True freedom inheres in our ability to choose hope, to pick resilience over recrimination, optimism over oblivion. Taking that timeless and hard-won kernel of wisdom as his starting point, the recognition that hopelessness is the worst kind of human prison. Terry‰'s lustrous, earnest Stargazer is precisely the kind of record we need in these seemingly hopeless times.

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