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New Original Sonic Sound, The - The New Original Sonic Sound [LP]

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The influence of 60's Northwest garage pioneers The Sonics is wider reaching than
imaginable. They were easily one of the first high-octane, lo-fidelity garage bands of
their era or any, but the snarling energy, gritty tension and blood-curdling screams
predated punk, blueprinted grunge and informed all rock and roll that was to come.
It would only make sense then, that eventually a cache of dyed-in-the-wool Sonics
fiends would come together to record 16 Sonics classics, in tribute to one of the
most important bands we've ever known. Scott McCaughey (R.E.M. / Minus 5 /
Young Fresh Fellows) joined with Mark Arm, Steve Turner, and Dan Peters from
Mudhoney, Tom Price (U-Men / Gas Huffer / Monkeywrench), Big Kahuna (Girl
Trouble), and Craig Flory to form The New Original Sonic Sound. A seven-piece all
star powerhouse!
The Mudhoney factor is huge, as Mark Arm's vocals lead the songs and 3/4 of the band
is the backbone for NOSS. But more than sounding like Mudhoney doing a covers record,
you really get a sense of how deep an influence The Sonics had on Mudhoney
and all of these players, and all their friends' and peer's bands. The sense of reverence
and purpose is audible, and the recordings are wild, electric and fun as hell.

Sales Points:
* Features Members Of R.E.M., Mudhoney, Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5,
Gas Huffer, and Girl Trouble
* Recorded by Kurt Bloch (producer: Robyn Hitchcock, Supersuckers, Mudhoney)
* 16 tracks from The Sonics song book
* Audiophile quality vinyl

Remastered by Kevin Gray

1 The Witch 2:44
2 He's Waitin' 2:46
3 Shot Down 2:06
4 You've Got Your Head On Backwards 2:50
5 Dirty Robber 1:57
6 I'm Going Home 2:22
7 The Hustler 2:24
8 Pyscho 2:04
9 Maintaining My Cool 1:54
10 Boss Hoss 2:18
11 Like No Other Man 2:00
12 Strychnine 2:04
13 Have Love Will Travel 2:36
14 High Time 2:26
15 Cinderella 2:57
16 Louie Louie 3:29

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