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Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Now [2LP]

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To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his debut album, A New Day Yesterday, Joe Bonamassa is releasing a newly re-mixed & re-recorded version called, A New Day Now. Joe re-sang all the vocals over & played new guitar tracks on some songs too. Kevin Shirley remixed the album. Includes 3 bonus tracks produced by Stevie Van Zandt (written by Stevie & Joe) which were demos from the 90's that never made it on to any records. Never heard before vintage Joe! This double LP is 180g black vinyl.

Track Listing
Side A: 1. Cradle Rock, 2. Walk In My Shadow, 3. A New Day Yesterday, 4. I Know Where I Belong
Side B: 1. Miss You, Hate You, 2. Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For A Woman Like You), 3. Colour And Shape, 4. Headaches To Heartbreaks
Side C: 1. Trouble Waiting, 2. If Heartaches Were Nickels, 3. Current Situation, 4. Don't Burn Down That Bridge
Side D: 1. Hey Mona, 2. I Want You, 3. Line Of Denial

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