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Gentle Friendly - KAUA'I O''O A'A [LP]

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by FatCat
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Following their recent signing to
FatCat, the challengingly-titled
'KAUA'I O'O A'A' sees Gentle
Friendly step up a level with a
fantastic new album, and their
first release in over two years.
Punchy, restlessly energetic and
densely-detailed, it is a cracking,
insistent little record and sounds
like little else being made right
now. Gentle Friendly are the
London-based duo of David
Maurice and Richard Manber,
whose penchant for circular
melodies, tidal fuzz and rapid
junked rhythms is delivered via
an austere instrumental setup of
vocals, Casio MT-40 keyboard
and drums (sometimes
electronic), alongside an array of tapes and electronics.
Driven relentlessly forward by Manber's bustling, frenetic beats and Maurice's distinctive
vocal phrasing - clipped, overlaid, structurally repetitive, informed by his creative writing
practice - the record is a snarling, bustling, expansive sprawl . Urgent and insistent;
adventurously skewed and complex while underpinned by strong melodic hooks, you
might catch glimpses of the visceral sonic / rhythmic chaos of early Animal Collective; the
fractured melodic sensibility of punk experimentalists like Wire and This Heat; as well as
hearing the influence of the loop-based electronics and sample-experimentation of
post-rock pioneers like Disco Inferno and Seefeel or more modern dance splinter genres
like juke / footwork and wonky. The band also cite the influences of Kendrick Lamar, Killer
Mike, Black Dice, Boredoms, Guided By Voices, La Dusseldorf and The Minutemen.
The title KAUA'I O'O A'A comes from the Hawaiian bird, which was named after the eerie,
echoey sound it makes whose population declined drastically during the 20th century
following the islands' cultivation after the arrival of Europeans. In 1981 just a single pair
remained. The female was lost following Hurricane Iwa in 1982, and the sole remaining
male's hollow, haunting, flute-like calls were last heard in 1987. The band felt the title
''seemed perfect for the record. It looks good and feels good to say.'' The last known field
recording of the species - a mating call by that last remaining male appears on '18 Wave
Crash'. ''Our record is nowhere near that sad but the story seemed to resonate somehow.''
1. Wild Grass
2. Love and Weather
3. Shake Up
4. Autumn Nite
5. Bury Um Deep
6. Infinite Return
7. Channel One
8. Rip B
9. No Future
10. 18 Wave Crash
11. As In Wind
12. Mics On Fire
13. Cloudbusting II

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