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Fuzztones - Leave Your Mind At Home [LP+7'']

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The Fuzztones are a garage rock revival band formed in 1980. Founded by singer- guitarist Rudi Protrudi in NYC, the band has gone through several member changes but is currently active in Europe. Com- pletely re mastered for the first time . Six bonus tracks on the LP . Plus coloured vinyl 7'' of classic hit 'Bad News Travels Fast' . Album has been out of print for over ten years and longer on vinyl.

1. Voices Green And Purple
2. Blackout Of Grete- ly
3. No Friend Of Mine
4. We're Pretty Quick
5. My Flash On You
6. The Bag I'm In
7. You Burn Me Up And Down
8. Green Slime (Battle Of The Garages-Compilation LP, 1984)
9. 99th Floor (1982 Demo)
10. Riot On Sunset Strip (1982 Demo)
11. Don't Do It Some More (1982 Demo)
12. Fabian Lips (1983 Demo)
13. Ward 81 (Rebel Kind-Compilation LP, 1983)
14. The Witch (1982 Demo)

1. Bad News Travels Fast (1984 Single -A Side)
2. Brand New Man (1984 Bad News Sin- gle-B Side)

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