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Album Leaf, The - Synchronic

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The Album Leaf's SYNCHRONIC soundtrack features original music from the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller by
filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. The 26-track record etches an immersive soundscape
underpinned by synth transmissions, organic strings, artful experimentation, and moments of cathartic energy. It
runs the gamut of everything from sonic euphoria to mania as turbulent as the action on-screen. 2 LP. Gatefold
Jacket with etched D Side.

Track Listing
1. Arm Chair Physicist, 2. Sucking Chest Wound, 3. Brianna, 4. Where's the Victim?, 5. I'll Miss Her, 6. MRI, 7.
Like a Soda Cap, 8. There Was a Loud Crash, 9. Please Don't, 10. Tara, She's Missing, 11. Synchronic Is the
Needle, 12. First Dose, 13. Brain Damaged, 14. Ice Age, 15. Observation, 16. Tara, 17. We'll Leave, 18. Search
Party, 19. Don't Be Late, 20. Same Door Home, 21. Why Didn't You Tell Me?, 22. War, 23. Shoot the Both Ya,
24. Always, 25. Synchronic, 26. Synchronic Credits

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