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Gerhard Heinz - Schamlos

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Previously unreleased soundtrack to Eddy Saller's 1968 sex-and-crime film Schamlos starring Udo Kier, Rolf Eden, and Marina Paal. Featuring the music of Austrian composer legend Gerhard Heinz and previously unreleased versions of songs by psych/beat groups The Sirs and Charles Ryders Corporation. A trashy gangster thriller with provocative sex scenes, the movie is now considered a classic of the exploitation period. Musically jumping from wild jazz to pounding up-tempo beat with a hint at the new psychedelic scene of the time. An essential soundtrack put together from Gerhard Heinz's original master tapes. Complete with 16-page LP-sized booklet containing liner notes in German and English. TRACKLISTING: A1. Gerhard Heinz - Im Fadenkreuz A2. Gerhard Heinz - All I Ever Need Is Beat A3. Gerhard Heinz - Schamlos Theme A4. The Sirs - Danger Girl A5. Gerhard Heinz - Stunk Mit Pohlmanns Gang A6. Gerhard Heinz - Puszta Fever A7. Charles Ryders Corporation - White Flames A8. Gerhard Heinz - Orgie beim Popmaler B1. Gerhard Heinz - Seductive Annabelle B2. Gerhard Heinz - Liebeskutschen Love B3. Gerhard Heinz - Kowalski's Revenge B4. Gerhard Heinz - Kurzer Proze? B5. Charles Ryders Corporation - I Remember the Blues B6. The Sirs - I Saw You There B7. Gerhard Heinz - Ich Liebe Bananen B8. Charles Ryders Corporation - Happy Day

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