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HalfNoise - Natural Disguise [LP]

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Zac Farro came of age as drummer for Paramore, but his true path to self-discovery has come in the form of HALFNOISE, his own musical project. Over the course of three EPs (HalfNoise, 2012; The Velvet Face, 2017; Flowerss, 2018) and two albums (Volcano Crowe, 2013; Sudden Feeling, 2016), Farro found his groove in the dreamy, lo-fi world of psych rock. On Natural Disguise, his newest album, the 28-year-old Nashville-based musician finds something else entirely-himself. More than just straightforward shoegaze, HALFNOISE brings together elements of synth pop and surf rock in an endlessly listenable alchemy that calls to mind Tame Impala and The Beach Boys.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Woodstock Snap
02 Who Could You Be
03 Guess
04 Boogie Juice
05 Natural Disguise
06 Moody Disco Blue

01 Know It's Her
02 Cinnamon Sugar
03 This Groove Is Divine
04 Get Gone
05 The Pick Up The Put Down
06 Beautiful Someone
07 Daisy

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